Welcome to NO NAME AGENCY !


NO NAME AGENCY is an independent tour agency, booking, artists management, promotions...

We are proud to announce the official start of the booking agency : NO NAME AGENCY.

In charge of bands of our roster, you will find informations such as: upcoming gigs, breaking news and so on.


Roster 2019/2020 :

AC ANGRY (Hard Rock), AESMAH (Melodic Death Metal-France), ARTILLERY (Thrash-Denmark), BLACK HOLE (Heavy Metal France), BLACK THERAPY (Melodic Death Metal-Italy), BLOOD RED THRONE (Death Metal-Norway), BLACK OUT ARISES (Classic Heavy Rock-France), CARCARIASS (Melodic Death Metal-France Swiss), CHRIS HOLMES (Heavy Metal-USA), CRAZY HAMMER (Heavy Old School-France), DOG ‘N’ STYLE (Heavy Glam-France), DOLLS RAIDERS (Hard Rock-France), EQUIPOISE (Technical/Progressive Death Métal), FREAK INJECTION (Indus), GAUPA (Stoner Atmospheric Metal-Sweden), IN ARKADIA (Blackened Deathcore-France), LAHMIA (Melodic Death Metal), LONEWOLF (Power Thrash Metal-France), MASTERPLAN (Power Metal-Germany), MEAN MACHINE (Heavy Metal), MERCYLESS (Death Metal-France), MIKE MACHINE (Heavy Glam-Sweden), MIKE TRAMP (Classic Rock-Denmark), MONOLYTH (Death Thrash Metal-France), NERVED (Alternative Metal-Sweden), PRAY MANTICORE (Deathcore/Djent Metal-France), SABOTAGE (Classic Rock-France), SEVEN THORNS (Power Metal-Denmark), STORMLORD (Black Death Métal Symphonic), VANIR (Folk Death Metal-Denmark), VOODOO ANGEL (Hard Rock-France), WILD (Death Metal-France), XAON (Epic Death Metal-Swiss), YASI HOFER (Modern Rock).