Enisum born in 2006, It’s the first Arpitanian Black Metal band from Valle Di Susa lands (Italy). Project name comes from Musinè mountain in Valle di Susa. Enisum songs talks about landscapes, cohabitation between man, nature and desolation. After some self released and demo productions in 2014 Enisum start to play live concerts and released the first full length Samoht Nara under Dusktone Label. In 2015 Arpitanian Lands album

(Dusktone). In April 2017 was released the last album Seasons of desolation by Avantgarde Music. Enisum had play in Europe with bands like Paradise Lost, Rotting Christ, Enslaved, Bloodbath, Belphegor, Shining, Primordial (3 gigs in a mini tour), Bathuska, Absu, Nargaroth, Manegarm, Imperium Dekadenz and others.

The band plays in some Festivals like Ragnarök Fest 2018, Dark Easter Metal Meeting Fest 2018, Rockmetalcamp Fest 2018, Darktroll Fest 2017 and in august 2018 at Barther Metal Open Air Fest with bands like 1349, Sargeist and at Wolfszeit Fest with bands like Abbath, Marduk and Wintersun. In 2019 was released by Avantgarde Music Label the album Moth’s illusion and in 2020 was released a demo collection, “Enisum’s roots”. In 2019/2020 Enisum had play in some festivals and European Tour. (De mortem et diabolum fest 2019, Darkness Guides Us Fest 2019, Moth’s illusion tour 2019, Pagan Warriors Across Europe Tour 2019 with Skyforger and Finsterforst).

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